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Appliquéd Bag Patterns

A range of patterns for appliqued bags. 

All patterns contain a general instruction sheet and detailed instructions for the Item.  The appliqué patterns include full sized pattern pieces and the more complicated appliqués also have a full sized template to make the construction of each appliqué easier.

The bags are generally tote type bags with one or more large pockets, as these pockets show off the appliqué or embroidery and are good, roomy bags. The larger ones are particularly suitable for baby bags as the large capacity takes all the things needed for a baby on its travels.

Appliquéd Bag Patterns


Hats from the past 1

Hats from the past 1

This is the first of a selection of bag patterns featuring appliqued hats.

There is one hat on the front and a different one on the back.

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